• QLP 064 Running for Honor

    Lace up your track shoes, because we’re Running for Honor! Join hosts Allison Pregler, Matt Dale and Christopher DeFilippis as they explore Sam’s Leap into a naval academy student fighting against intolerance in this groundbreaking episode dealing with gay rights. We discuss the controversy surrounding the episode when it first aired, and how the topics it tackled are still relevant today. Tell us what you think! Leave us a voicemail by calling (707) 847-6682. Send feedback and MP3s to quantumleappodcast@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Leap Of Faith

    In the thirty-third installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Albie and Heather discuss season three, episode three “Leap Of Faith”. There are first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, listener feedback, a great interview with Bud Sabatino, who played Sam’s leapee, Father Frank Pistano.  Also, two great segments from Christopher DeFilippis, The Italian Problem, and Quantum Leap Radio Sightings: Genesis Redux. Also an article from Hayden McQueenie about Al, and religion in Quantum Leap. And an awesome song, I Always Feel Like (I’m Gonna Quantum Leap) – Rockwell Parody by Bonecage.   00:00:00 – QLP opening 00:03:06 – Hello – First impressions 00:06:48 – Episode recap 00:18:01 – Main discussion/Episode breakdown 01:16:48 – Interview with Bud Sabatino 01:39:23 – Promo for Thinking Outside…

  • QLP Residential Leap By Suzanne Boyd

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