Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Michelle Joyner

9246302-large Known for her roles in the vertigo inducing Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone, The Star studded thriller Outbreak, and many memorable television guest appearances like a woman scorned turned monster in the seventh season X-Files episode “Chimera”, Michelle Joyner, is an actor, writer, and mother, who has had a career spanning almost three decades. Using her talent and adaptability Michelle has been able to play a diverse list of characters on both stage and screen. Quantum Leap fans may know her best as Sister Angela in  “The Right Hand of God” where she played a nun who inherited a boxer’s contract who had to win the big fight to be able to build a dream church she envisioned as a little girl. Albie absolutely loved talking with her, we hope you love listening to their conversation.


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