Sat. May 25th, 2024

An untold chapter of Quantum Leap history is revealed as Quantum Leap 2022 co-creator Bryan Wynbrandt Tells All!

Join QLP hosts Albie Burdge and Christopher DeFilippis for an EXCLUSIVE in-depth discussion with one of the driving forces behind the revival series. Bryan recounts the genesis of the reboot, including his interactions with Don Bellisario and NBC, and the creative tightrope that he and writing partner Steven Lilien walked to bring Quantum Leap to a modern audience while staying true to the spirit of the original.

Bryan also tells how he envisioned Scott Bakula’s revival of the character Sam Beckett, and reveals the behind-the-scenes changes that led him and Steven to part ways with the show.

It’s the behind-the-scenes story Leapers have been waiting for!

This is a moment that Matt Dale would have loved! Contribute to the GoFundMe drive to help support Matt Dale’s family in their time of loss. You will always be with us in spirit, friend.

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