The Quantum Leap Podcast is a Barren Space Production with the purpose of exploring the Quantum Leap Universe episode by episode.  This podcast will cover all five seasons of one of the best television shows of all time ranked #15 and #19 on TV Guide’s “Top Cult Shows Ever” in In 2004 and 2007[1],  by delving into all 96 episodes one by one and not spoiling upcoming plot points so first timers can follow along. We will be doing  approximately two shows per month taking about three years. We will dissect each and every show looking for the meanings morals and lessons we can learn while keeping track of the overall arc of the show.

Quantum Leap is a multiple award winning television show including two Golden Globe Awards, five Emmy Awards, a Director’s Guild of America Award, and Two Edger Awards.[1]


Burdge-47Albert Burdge
  better known as Albie is the host of TV Talk Castle (2009), TV Talk The Vampire Diaries a guest host on TV Talk How I Met Your Mother , The Terra Nova Podcast and the Host of
a Conversation with Albie. He is a life long Science Fiction fan and loves hour long television, some of his favorites include  Firefly, all Star Trek, of course Quantum Leap, Farscape, X-Files, Doctor Who,  Battlestar Galactica, all Stargate, Felicity, The Dead Zone, Ally McBeal, Arrested Development, Babylon 5, House M.D., Veronica Mars, Life on Mars, Alias, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Dollhouse, Futurama, Terra Nova, Lost, Sliders,  24, and many, many more. Albie’s greatest joy in life is his daughter Serenity. Albie is a silicon supporter and always cries at the end of Bicentennial Man.

Albie has watched every episode of Quantum Leap in its original run and has seen multiple reruns in syndication, but this will be his first full re-watch.



Burdge-57 is the host of  TV Talk Castle (2009), TV Talk The Vampire Diaries, The Terra Nova Podcast and the producer of
a Conversation with Albie. Heather was born January 4, 1989 so she was just a baby when Quantum Leap premiered on television.    Some of Heather’s favorite TV shows include Doctor Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Good Eats, Glee, Cougar Town, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, House, Psych, Weeds, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Futurama , Bones, Big Bang Theory, Terra Nova, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Scrubs, Arrested Development, Ghost Whisperer, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, Food Detectives, and many, many more. Heather loves to read, especially when a new Nicholas Sparks or Sarah Dessen book comes out. Her favorite movies are Love Actually and The Wedding Date.  Heather lives in Cape Coral, FL and on August 23, 2012 welcomed into the world Albie’s and her favorite part of life Serenity Lynn Burdge.

Although Heather is an avid TV viewer this will be her first time watching Quantum Leap, one episode at a time along with the listeners.


JuanJuan wears a lot of different hats for the Quantum Leap Podcast. He does research for each individual episode before they are recorded. That encompasses him trying to find all of the historical errors, wardrobe errors, interesting facts about the characters, etc. that he can about each episode. Juan started volunteering on the Quantum Leap Podcast only doing this, but has expanded his role to include; Line Producer, Editor, and Voice Talent. Born in 1987 Juan was still VERY young during the whole Quantum Leap series, but can still remember watching the show with his siblings. Some of Juan’s favorite TV shows, aside from absolutely loving Quantum Leap, include being HUGE WWE fan, Seinfeld, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Sliders, Suits, and MANY many other shows!! Aside from television, Juan is also a big movie lover, reads a lot of comics, and has an affinity for saltwater fish tanks! Juan doesn’t really have anything to “plug” at the moment, but hopes to start his own podcast in the near future, while maintaining all of his volunteer work with Albie and the gang! Above all else, Juan cherishes his wife, and son, and credits them for keeping him sane every day!!

Juan has seen every episode, MANY MANY times, as well as owns all of the DVD’s. But he’s excited to go through all of them with a fine tooth comb, learning new things, and following along with those who are watching for the first time ever, or in a long time.



haydenHayden McQueenie is a huge fan of Quantum Leap, and as such, has been an active participant in discussions on the Quantum Leap Podcast with its hosts Albie and Heather since the podcast’s first episode. Due to his creative suggestions for the podcast, combined with his extensive knowledge of the show, Hayden was invited to join the Quantum Leap Podcast’s crew as a segment contributor. Since then, Hayden has risen through the ranks, and in addition to his segments, he now also runs the Quantum Leap Podcast’s Facebook page, has written episode recaps and skit scripts, organised numerous interviews with guest stars and crew members of Quantum Leap, and is credited as a Co-Producer of the Podcast.

In his professional life, Hayden is a self-proclaimed “mathemagician” (though Albie and Heather have dubbed him “the Wizard of Oz” as he lives in Melbourne Australia), having taught Secondary level mathematics, tutored Engineering mathematics and lectured in Calculus at University level, and tutored mathematics privately to students of all ages for over a decade. Hayden has presented numerous times at the annual conference of the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV), and has had a paper he has written be published in the MAV conference proceedings about a game he invented which helps to teach students about Linear Functions and other numerical, graphical and algebraic concepts. Hayden is currently undertaking his Masters degree in Education, and in the future hopes to teach future teachers, build curriculums and do further mathematical and educational research. Hayden is also credited as an Executive Producer of the Quantum Leap fanfilm “A Leap to Di For”, which premiered at “The Leap Back” Quantum Leap convention in 2009.

Hayden’s favourite hobby is going to the movies with his friends. He goes at least twice a week, and gets extremely annoyed when only one movie premieres in a week. Hayden also loves all types of music, can read sheet music fluently, and loves to sing – mostly in his car where he doesn’t get any noise complaints, and frequently participating in karaoke nights his local Irish pub. Other than that, he just loves playing with his dogs and spending time with his friends. Family and friends mean everything to Hayden, and he is sure that the friends he has made through being a part of this podcast will last a lifetime.




steveSteve is not only a HUGE Quantum Leap fan, but he is also a Doctor Who, Cosmos, Agents of SHIELD, Sherlock, and a fan of many many more TV shows and movies. His love Quantum Leap, and for pop culture in general, lead Steve to helping out the Quantum Leap Podcast. Steve serves as our server host. He protects that which is most important. Ensuring that we can bring you all of the entertainment that you so desire. Residing close to where our hosts are, Steve will be taking the journey along with us, for the duration of the Quantum Leap series. He has watched many times, and enjoys the different points of view, from other fans.












[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_Leap