Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

002 Star-Crossed

Quantum Leap Star-CrossedIn the second installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Albie and Heather discuss the Season One episode three “Star-Crossed”. There’s first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, listener feedback, an essay and much more.

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Check out this great interview… I had the chance to talk to Michael Gregory who played Colonel Wojohowitz in the Quantum Leap episode Star-Crossed…



Essay winner one… Carebare

What Quantum Leap means to me!

Approximately one week ago, me and my netflix account decided it was time to rewatch Quantum Leap.  Being a fan of podcasts in general (and since my husband refuses to watch anything from the 80’s), I went searching for a Quantum Leap podcast to get other viewpoints on the show.  Imagine my surprise when I saw The Quantum Leap Podcast all fresh and shiney and new!  It was meant to be!   So that brings me to the point of this essay.  Why decide to rewatch?  What does Quantum Leap mean to me anyway?!?  Well, I was 7 years old when the show was new.  And while I don’t remember the super cool sounding commercials that were brought up on your podcast, and I probably watched most episodes in syndication, I do remember rushing home to set the VCR to record that nights show (I still have VHS copy of the ‘Georgia’ version! .. and nothing to play it on…).  This is the first show that I loved that wasn’t a cartoon.  This is the first show that glued me to the
television.  This is the first show that I thought had a totally hot leading man!  And most importantly, this is the first show that made me want to be a scientist! …not that that ever came to fruition, but it made me WANT to be one!  And while I won’t be inventing a time machine or saving lives one leap at a time, I wanted to be more and do more!

Quantum Leap, in all it’s 80’s glory, is everything a show should be.  Awesome premise, awesome lessons, perfect mix of awesome and awesomely bad actors (I’m lookin at you, every actor who plays Sam’s reflection!).  And every time I hear the sound of Sam leaping, or hear the theme song, or hear him say “oh boy”, it puts me right back to the first time I saw it.

Quantum Leap is an amazing show and I’m so glad to be rewatching with the Quantum Leap podcast!