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Quantum Leap 2022

It’s been nearly 30 years since Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. Now, a new team, led by physicist Ben Song (Seong) (Raymond Lee), has been assembled to restart the project in hope of understanding the mysteries behind the machine and the man who created it.

Everything changes, however, when Ben makes an unauthorized leap into the past, leaving the team behind to solve the mystery of why he did it. At Ben’s side throughout his leaps is Addison (Caitlin Bassett), who appears in the form of a hologram only Ben can see and hear. She’s a decorated Army veteran who brings level-headed precision to her job.

At the helm of the highly confidential operation is Herbert “Magic” Williams (Ernie Hudson), a no-nonsense career military man who has to answer to his bosses who won’t be happy once they learn about the breach of protocol. The rest of the team at headquarters includes Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park), who runs the Artificial Intelligence unit “Ziggy,” and Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee), who heads up digital security for the project.

As Ben leaps from life to life, putting right what once went wrong, it becomes clear that he and the team are on a thrilling journey. However, Addison, Magic, Ian and Jenn know that if they are going to solve the mystery of Ben’s leap and bring him home, they must act fast or lose him forever.

Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt will write and executive produce. Don Bellisario, Deborah Pratt, Ryan Lindenberg, Robert Hull and Martin Gero executive produce.

Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, will produce in association with I Have an Idea! Entertainment, Belisarius Productions and Quinn’s House Productions.


QUANTUM LEAP — “Pilot” Episode Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Ernie Hudson as Herbert “Magic” Williams, Nanrisa Lee as Jenn, Mason Alexander Park as Ian, Caitlin Bassett as Addison — (Photo by: Serguei Bachlakov/NBC)

Raymond Lee

Dr. Ben Song, “Quantum Leap”

QUANTUM LEAP — Season: 1 — Pictured: Raymond Lee as Dr. Ben Seong — (Photo by: Brendan Meadows/NBC)

Raymond Lee stars as Dr. Ben Song on the new NBC drama “Quantum Leap.” Ben is a brilliant quantum physicist leaping through time to put right what once went wrong.

Lee also stars on the AMC series “Kevin Can F*** Himself.” Most recently, he was a series regular on Alan Ball’s HBO series “Here and Now.” Additional recurring roles include the HBO Max series “Made for Love,” Fox’s “Prodigal Son,” Amazon’s “Mozart in the Jungle” and ABC’s “Scandal.” 

Theater credits include the world premiere productions of “Vietgone” at Manhattan Theater Club, for which he was awarded the Theatre World Award for Outstanding Off-Broadway Debut; “Office Hour,” opposite Sandra Oh, and “Cambodian Rock Band” at the South Coast Repertory. 

He is currently appearing in the box office smash “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Lee speaks fluent Korean and resides in Los Angeles.


Caitlin Bassett

Addison, “Quantum Leap”

QUANTUM LEAP — Season: 1 — Pictured: Caitlin Bassett as Addison Allison Augustine — (Photo by: Brendan Meadows/NBC)

Caitlin Bassett stars as Addison Augustine on the new NBC drama “Quantum Leap.” Addison is an ex-Army intelligence officer who works in the Quantum Leap program. She’s Ben Song’s guide in the past and, during his leaps, appears in a hologram that only he can see and hear. 

“Quantum Leap” marks the professional acting debut for Bassett, who participated in the ABC Discovers Talent Showcase in 2020. 

A military veteran, she spent seven years in the U.S. Army Intelligence and the National Security Agency with three tours abroad prior to her honorable discharge with multiple combat and meritorious honors. She then returned to the States to focus on acting, training at the Stella Adler Conservatory and with Bob Krakower before being selected for the ABC Showcase.

Ernie Hudson

Herbert “Magic” Williams, “Quantum Leap”

QUANTUM LEAP — Season: 1 — Pictured: Ernie Hudson as Herbert “Magic” Williams — (Photo by: Brendan Meadows/NBC)

Ernie Hudson stars as Herbert “Magic” Williams (Originaly played by Chris Kirby in the original Quantum Leap episode The Leap Home, Part II Vietnam see our interview with him here) on the new NBC drama “Quantum Leap.” Magic is the head of the Quantum Leap project and juggles taking care of his team while also answering to his bosses at the Pentagon.

Hudson recently reprised his signature character Winston Zeddemore in the new Jason Reitman movie “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and wrapped the Bobby Farrelly-directed “Champions,” opposite Woody Harrelson. 

He executive produces and stars in the BET series “The Family Business” and will next be seen in the upcoming third season of Showtime’s “City on a Hill.” He’ll also appear in the Catherine Hardwicke film “Prisoner’s Daughter,” opposite Brian Cox and Kate Beckinsale. 


Mason Alexander Park

Ian Wright, “Quantum Leap”

QUANTUM LEAP — Season: 1 — Pictured: Mason Alexander Park as Ian — (Photo by: Brendan Meadows/NBC)

Mason Alexander Park stars as Ian Wright on the new NBC drama “Quantum Leap.” Ian is the lead programmer on the confidential program that has rebuilt “Ziggy,” the Artificial Intelligence unit which provides important information on Ben’s leaps.

Park is a nonbinary artist who will next be seen in Netflix’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman.” Previous TV roles include Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop.” 

Park also has a very active theater career, most notably the title role on the first Broadway national tour of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”


Nanrisa Lee

Jenn Chou, “Quantum Leap”

QUANTUM LEAP — Season: 1 — Pictured: Nanrisa Lee as Jenn — (Photo by: Brendan Meadows/NBC)

Nanrisa Lee stars as Jenn Chou on the NBC drama “Quantum Leap.” Chou is the head of digital security and works alongside Magic in hopes of solving why Ben Song leaped in hopes of bringing him home. 

Lee was born in Oakland, Calif., and is best known for her breakout recurring role on “Bosch.” She has also recently appeared in “CSI: Vegas,” “Westworld,” “The Morning Show” and “American Crime Story.”


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