Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Wait? Success suddenly has no effect on Leaping? It must be time for A Leap for Lisa!

Join hosts Allison Pregler, Matt Dale and Christopher DeFilippis for the paradigm-shifting, time-twisting, Al-dubbing, Roddy-McDowalling antics of the season four finale as Sam Leaps into a young Al — and changes history with deadly consequences for our favorite hologram.

We’re also proud to bring you an interview with actor Jeff Corbett, who played Chip Ferguson in the episode. Jeff talks about how he got into acting and shares memories of his time on the set.

Then listen to QLP announcer Zoe Dean’s touching retrospective of the late Roddy McDowall. Roddy fans should definitely check out her show Not Just Yesterday: The Roddy McDowall Podcast.

Bingo bango bongo! So long, season four!

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