Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Watch the skies for elliptical orbs, because it’s time for Star Light, Star Bright!

Richard C. Okie

Join Allison Pregler, Matt Dale and Christopher DeFilippis for a close encounter with special guest host Richard C. Okie, who wrote this episode.

Rick recounts the genesis of Sam’s brush with extra-terrestrials in the now-infamous “UFO episode” and chats about his time as a writer/producer on Quantum Leap during its fifth season.

His credits include such memorable S5 outings as Leaping of the Shrew, Goodbye, Norma Jean, and The Leap Between the States.

Rick also reveals the unlikely origins of the Evil Leapers!

We also welcome a new producer to the podcast, and take a geeky deep dive into some heavy international video artwork.

Here’s are the video covers we discuss!

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