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028 Maybe Baby


In the twenty-eighth installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Albie and Heather discuss season two, episode twenty “Maybe Baby”. There are first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, listener feedback, and a cool interview with Shaun O’Banion, Film Producer and honorary Quantum Leap crew member. The second episode of the original audio drama Quantum Leap: The Impossible Dream, Need You Now: Part 2, with special guest star Jennifer Runyon. Jennifer_Runyon_2012  Chris DeFilippis, Author of the Quantum Leap Novel Foreknowledge The Seeker: A Novella of T.R.U.T.H., and creator of is welcomed to The QLP crew as a writer and segment producer, with his segment Quantum Reboot. A segment on car seat safety, and an article from Hayden McQueenie about the Quantum leap clip show that might have been. “Beyond this point there be dragons.”

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00:00:00 – QLP opening
00:02:39 – Hello – First impressions
00:06:38 – Episode recap
00:13:11 – Main discussion/Episode breakdown
00:48:19 – Interview with Shaun O’Banion
01:22:24 – Interview reactions
01:23:04 – Quantum Leap: The Impossible Dream
01:34:27 – Quantum Reboot with Chris DeFilippis
01:44:07 – Car Seat Safety – Buckle Up for Safety 
02:03:26 – Feedback
02:13:47 – News
02:44:57 – Trivia
02:17:11 – Hayden McQueenie skit
02:21:41 – Hayden McQueenie segment
02:29:42 – On the next episode
02:31:49 – Credits
02:33:03 – Bloopers
02:34:31 – PS



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Chris DeFilippis always seems to be writing one thing or another. His first novel, Foreknowledge, was published 100 years ago in Berkley’s Quantum Leap novel series. He has high hopes for the next 100 years. In the meantime, he plans to continue his career as an award-winning journalist and television producer–partly because he doesn’t want two decades worth of experience in all forms of media to go to waste, but mainly because he likes to eat and wishes to keep doing so with a roof over his head.


 The Seeker: A Novella of T.R.U.T.H.






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2×21 Maybe Baby


Sam leaps in to find himself climbing out of a second-story window at night carrying a basket. A woman on the ground urges for Sam to hurry up. Sam climbs down a ladder, and the two of them get into a waiting pickup truck with the basket, as a man appears at the window and shouts at Bunny as he watches them drive away. Behind the wheel of the pickup, Sam is stunned when the woman reaches into the basket and picks up a crying baby girl.
It’s March 11, 1963 in Texas, and Sam has leaped into a bouncer named Buster. The woman beside him is a stripper named Bunny O’Hare, and the baby’s name is Kristy. They are headed to Clayton, New Mexico, where Bunny says Kristy will be safe with her aunt Margaret. Sam is nervous about what the two of them are doing, but is relieved to discover that Kristy is Bunny’s daughter. He assumes that he must be there to get Bunny and Kristy to safety.
Back at the house Sam and Bunny took Kristy from, Kristy’s father, Reed Dalton, is reporting the kidnapping to Sheriff Barnes and Deputy Sheriff Sutton. Reed tells them that Bunny talks about his daughter like she’s her own, and says that he dated Bunny for a while, and that his wife died last year while giving birth to Kristy.
Sam and Bunny check into a roadside motel with Kristy, and Bunny leaves to get Kristy some fresh milk. Al arrives, and tells Sam that Bunny’s real name is Thelma Lou Dickey, and she and Buster work at the same club. Al explains that Bunny and Reed were never married, which means that Kristy is not Bunny’s daughter. After Bunny returns with Kristy’s milk, Al tells Sam that in the original history, Bunny and Buster were arrested for kidnapping, and Kristy was returned to Reed. Sam believes that Bunny is telling the truth about being Kristy’s mother, and he must be there to get Bunny and Kristy to New Mexico so they can stay together.
After Al leaves, Sam asks Bunny who Kristy really belongs to. She still claims that Kristy is hers, but when Sam presses her to tell the truth, she starts to cry, and admits that she lied to him. She tries to tell Sam that the rest of what she said is true, and they have to get Kristy to New Mexico where her real mother is, but Sam doesn’t believe her. Bunny says that when Reed found out Bunny had been communicating with Kristy’s mother, he started hitting and threatening her. She tells Sam that her father used to hit her mother before he started hitting her, and she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to Kristy.
The next morning, Sam and Bunny are back on the road with Kristy. Meanwhile, Reed is still on Bunny’s trail, assuring Sheriff Barnes that Bunny is headed to New Mexico with Kristy. Sam says he wants to stop at a store in the next town and get a proper carseat for Kristy. In the store, the man behind the counter recognizes Bunny. Al arrives, and tells Sam that Kristy’s real mother is dead. Sam still believes Bunny’s story, and asks Al to check for a woman named Margaret Dalton in Clayton, but Al finds nothing. Sam suddenly sees a sheriff’s car, and the man who recognized Bunny is talking to the police officer. Al urges Sam to turn himself in, but Sam refuses, escaping through the back of the store with Bunny. Sam uses some of Bunny’s money to buy a car from a local, and he and Bunny drive away with Kristy.
In the car, Sam notices that Kristy is having trouble breathing, and realizes she has asthma. He insists that they need to take Kristy to a doctor, but Bunny tells him that they can’t go back to the last town, so they continue on and find a veterinarian instead. The vet examines Kristy, but doesn’t have anything she can prescribe for a human. Sam has an idea, and fills up Kristy’s bottle with coffee, telling Bunny that the caffeine will help Kristy to breathe until they can get her some proper medicine.
Later that night, Kristy is asleep in the back of the car. Sam passes a saloon offering a fifty dollar prize in an amatuer talent show. He tells Bunny that they’re going to need more gas in the car to make it to Clayton, but Bunny realizes that they’ve run out of money. They go back to the saloon, and Bunny performs a striptease on stage, winning the talent show and the fifty dollars. Al arrives, and is upset to have missed the show. As Sam and Bunny celebrate, Sheriff Barnes and Deputy Sheriff Sutton enter, closely followed by Reed. The sheriffs hold Sam and Bunny at gunpoint, and Reed takes Kristy back from Bunny.
Sam tries to convince the sheriffs that he and Bunny are trying to take Kristy back to her real mother, but Reed responds that her mother is dead. Sam learns from Reed that Bunny was never Kristy’s babysitter, despite what she told Sam, and Sam is disappointed to hear that Bunny lied to him again. Al tries to tell Sam that Bunny has been telling the truth about Kristy’s real mother from the beginning, but Sam no longer believes it. Bunny steals the deputy sheriff’s gun and points it at him, and despite Reed trying to shoot at them with his own gun, she and Sam manage to escape with Kristy once more. Outside the saloon, Sam and Bunny escape in the sheriff’s car. Reed follows them out, and steals another man’s car at gunpoint.
As Sam and Bunny cross the state line into New Mexico, Al tells Sam that Reed is coming after them. He also explains that Reed is wanted in Mew Mexico for scamming real estate investors out of millions of dollars. Reed’s real surname is Cole, and Al and Ziggy found a woman named Margaret Cole living in Clayton. Margaret got sole custody of Kristy after her divorce from Reed, but Reed took Kristy and fled to Texas. Sam and Bunny enter Clayton, with Reed less than a mile behind them. Bunny uses the radio in the sheriff’s car to give the police Margaret’s address, so they can arrest Reed when he follows them there.
Sam pulls over in front of Margaret’s house, but Reed has caught up with them. Local police from Clayton arrive, and Reed tells the sheriff to arrest Sam and Bunny. However, the sheriff recognizes Reed, and arrests him instead. Bunny doesn’t want to give Kristy up yet, but Sam tells her that Kristy is home now. As Margaret watches from her open doorway, Sam convinces Bunny, who has started to cry, to give Kristy back to her mother. As Margaret holds Kristy and smiles, Sam puts a comforting arm around Bunny, and leaps.
Plot Recap by Phil Doherty

Quantum Leap Episode Transcript (CC)
Maybe Baby – March 11, 1963

[ Woman Narrating ] Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr.
Sam Beckett led an elite group of scientists into the desert to develop a top secret project known as Quantum Leap.
Pressured to prove his theories or lose funding, Dr.
Beckett prematurely stepped into the project accelerator and vanished.
He awoke to find himself in the past, suffering from partial amnesia and facing a mirror image that was not his own.
Fortunately, contact with his own time was maintained through brain wave transmissions with Al, the project observer, who appeared in the form of a hologram that only Dr.
Beckett can see and hear.
Trapped in the past, Dr.
Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.
[ Woman ] Buster! Buster! Hurry! Come on! Buster, be careful! Be careful! Come on! Watch it! Shh! Watch it.
The basket! Get the basket! Oh.
Hurry! Come on.
Before Reed catches us.
[ Engine Trying To Start ] Buster, what are you thinkin’ about? [ Engine Starts ] Bunny? Bunny, are you crazy? Get back here! [ Laughs ] Oh, Buster, I love you so much for doin’ this.
I could kiss you all over! [ Baby Crying ] Oh, shoot.
We woke her.
Come here, precious.
[ Cooing ] Oh, boy.
No, I told ya.
It’s a girl.
[ Radio ] (music) He went away and you hung around (music) [ Bunny ] (music) Hung around (music) [ Bunny, Radio ] (music) And bothered me every night (music) (music) When I wouldn’t go out with you you said things that weren’t very nice (music) (music) My boyfriend’s back and there’s gonna be trouble (music) (music) Hey la, hey la My boyfriend’s back (music) (music) If I were Reed, I’d better cut out on the double (music) (music) Hey la, hey la (music) Come on, Buster.
Join in.
[ Radio ] (music) You been spreadin’lies that I was untrue (music) Uh, listen.
– Uh, Bunny? – Yeah, Buster? (music) So look out now ’cause he’s comin’after you (music) Uh– I mean– (music) Hey la, hey la (music) Uh, well, she sure is– She’s cute and everything.
Sure she’s cute.
I told you she was cute.
(music) [ Continues ] She’s the cutest little baby in the whole wide world– even if her daddy is a lawyer who’s probably got half the state lookin’ for us by now.
[ Thinking ] Suddenly, this leap was beginning to feel like Bonnie and Clyde and a Baby.
Bonnie– Bunny, uh, you know, about what we’re doin’ here– Buster, you promised to help me get my baby back.
Now, if you’re gonna back out, you can just let me and Christy out right now! My baby– Your baby? Of course.
She’s your baby.
Do you know where that map is? We don’t wanna miss our turn.
Uh, map.
[ Toy Squeaks ] [ Gasps ] Christy’s skunk! [ Laughs ] I can’t believe you brought it! How did you know it was her favorite toy? – Well– – Look, Christy, it’s P.
U! [ Squeaking ] [ Laughing ] I hope you can figure this out.
I am such a zero when it comes to readin’ these things.
(music) If I were you I’d take a permanent vacation (music) Uh– [ Clears Throat ] Well, we’re in Texas.
Well, thank God we got you on board, Buster.
[ Laughs ] Of course we’re in Texas.
Yeah, and, uh, we’re on our way to, uh, Clayton, New Mexico? So she can see her Auntie Margaret and be safe.
[ Christy Cooing ] You know, Buster, I can’t believe we did this.
I’ve got my baby and you.
Even though I’ve only known you two weeks, I almost feel like we’re a family.
(music) My boyfriend’s back (music) [ Thinking ] As harebrained as this all seemed, getting Bunny and her baby to safety must have been what I was here to do.
[ Cooing Continues ] [ Woman ] Why would she take your Christy, Senor Reed? I don’t know, Maria.
[ Man ] Maybe she’s crazy.
She is crazy.
She talks about my daughter as if she’s her own.
Do you know her last name? Uh, I believe it’s O’Hare.
Bunny O’Hare? The stripper? You know her? Uh, yeah, I caught her act at the Girls-A-Go-Go, once.
We dated for a while.
I was lonely.
My wife died a year ago giving birth to Christy.
Do you have any idea why she took your baby? [ Maria Crying ] Senor Reed, what are we going to do? No.
She told me that she couldn’t have children.
Maria, it’s all right.
We’ll find Christy.
We will find her.
I promise.
Hold on, Mr.
We put an A.
out on the truck.
I’m sure the highway patrol will get ’em before daylight.
Hey, that is my child out there.
I am not gonna sit around here and wait for someone to find her! Let’s do it, Sheriff.
Why not? She’s acting kind of poky.
[ Fussing ] I guess she’s all stuffed up again.
See, she’s had this cold for two weeks.
Well, then, she shouldn’t be traveling.
We don’t have a choice, Buster.
Don’t worry.
I know just the thing.
We’ll find a gunfighter, and we’ll steam her.
Look at you.
You’re all better now.
Wejust steamed you like a bunch ofbroccoli.
Ooh! Well, here she is, good as new.
She’s not Miss Poky-Butt anymore.
[ Cooing ] Are ya? Are ya? Oh! Would you look at this little pumpkin? She looks– She looks great.
Well, I should get over to that icehouse and get her some fresh milk.
[ Kiss ] – You didn’t bring her any milk? – Well, you didn’t think of it either.
Well, yeah, but I-I’ve never really been around, uh, a baby.
Buster, I thought you said you brought up seven brothers and sisters.
I did– Well, I did, but, uh, see, I was the youngest.
Let me see if I’ve got some money for milk.
Uh– – I don’t seem to have any money.
– That’s okay.
I got my whole life savings here– $400.
I’ll see you in a bit.
– Bye, Miss Pixie-Butt.
– Bye? Bye? Uh– You’re not gonna leave me alone with the baby? Buster, takin’ care of a baby is somethin’ you never forget how to do.
It’s as easy as fallin’ off a bicycle.
Falling off a log or riding a bicycle.
[ Laughs ] Buster.
Just watch Christy.
Bye, honey.
[ Christy Sobbing ] Oh, please– Please, don’t-don’t do that.
Don’t– Don’t cry.
I’m bein’ really serious here.
See, I– If you wouldn’t cry– ‘Cause I’m not really– I’m not really Buster, see.
And the seven brothers and sisters thing– Well, it’s not true, because– [ Sobbing Continues ] Oh, no, don’t– Don’t– I’ll get P.
See? Here you go.
Here’s P.
See? [ Squeaking ] Don’t cry, Christy.
Please don’t cry.
Look here, I’ll just rock you a little bit.
See, isn’t that better? Please don’t–Just don’t cry.
I’ll pick you up.
I’ll pick you up like this.
Don’t– Don’t– Don’t cry, Christy, okay? That’s a girl.
That’s a girl.
That’s a girl.
Don’t cry.
Don’t cry, Christy.
Oh, boy.
[ Crying Softly ] Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
No wonder you’ve been crying.
I’d cry if I was holding me too.
You like big, scary guys, huh? [ Cooing ] She sees you as you, Sam.
Well, she can see you, too, Al.
Of course.
All babies and animals can see me.
And blondes with very low I.
‘s– Al, please.
Not in front– All right.
That’s wishful thinking.
Would you look at me? I got a gold tooth.
I’m some kind of a Neanderthal guy.
There’s a lot of women that like guys with bodies like Buster’s.
Take this Bunny O’Hare, for instance.
She likes it.
Bunny O’Hare? Her last name is O’Hare? Yeah.
The stripper.
The stripper? Yeah.
Well, her real name is, uh, [ Beeping ] Thelma Lou Dickie.
I can understand why she changed that.
She works at the Girls-A-Go-Go Lounge where you are a bouncer.
A bouncer? Al, I’m– Yeah.
You smell that, Al? What? What do ya mean? Smell what? I– I think she, um– [ Crying ] Oh! No.
No, I can’t smell– I’m happy I’m a hologram.
What should I do? You gotta clean her up and then put a diaper on her.
A diaper? Yeah.
Like a– Like a-a snappie or a snuggie or snuggle– [ Crying ] No, it’s 1 963.
Disposable diapers haven’t even been invented yet.
And I wish they would never get invented.
[ Crying Continues ] They’re lousy for the environment.
Try a pillow case.
A pillow case.
Yeah, that’d be good.
Here, Christy.
Look at this.
[ Beeping ] Look at the pretty lights! Look at ’em! [ Babbling ] [ Babbling Continues ] [ Crying Continues ] Nope, that didn’t work.
Oh, I remember something.
I remember something I learned when I was a kid.
She’ll probably like this.
Watch this, Christy.
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
(music) All around the mulberry bush (music) (music) Uh, the monkey chased the something (music) (music) The monkey something on the ground (music) (music) And something happened to the weasel (music) What are you lookin’ at me like that for? When I was a kid, we couldn’t afford puppets and stuff.
[ Cooing ] – She liked it.
– Maybe I’m here to change a baby.
[ Al ] I wish it was that simple.
What do you mean? According to Ziggy, [ Beeping ] there’s a 7 5.
6 percent chance that you’re here to return Christy to her father.
Reed? Yeah.
Well, if Bunny and Reed are divorced– No, no, Bunny and Reed were never married.
You mean– You mean, she’s a– No.
Well, if they were never married and Reed is her father, then Bunny’s not Christy’s mother.
And that means that you two are kidnappers.
[ Sam ] Bunny’s gotta be Christy’s mother.
She loves her.
She fell in love with her, so she took her.
That’s called kidnapping.
Look, I cannot believe that Bunny lied to me.
[ Crying ] Shh, shh, shh, shh.
She’s a stripper.
Her whole act is a lie.
I’ve got a lot of experience in this area.
I knew a stripper named Velvet in Reno– I don’t wanna hear about it.
I don’t wanna hear about it.
I believe Bunny.
Well, I believed Velvet.
Bunny is telling the truth.
How do you know? I can see it by the look in her eyes.
– I’m back.
Hi, honey.
– [ Cooing ] Uh, excuse me, Sam, but I don’t think it was her eyes you were lookin’ at.
What the hell kind of a diaper is that? Why didn’t you use the ones we brought in the truck? Uh, well, um, I didn’t wanna go out and leave her alone.
[ Bunny ] Well,you get an ”A”for creativity.
Honey, I have your milk right here.
Just a sec.
I’ll have it warmed up.
If you give her cold milk, she’ll just spit it up.
(music) [ Humming ] See, Al? See? (music) I’ll be true (music) She knows Christy.
(music) [ Humming Continues ] She knows what she likes.
She probably knows what I like too.
That doesn’t make her my mother.
Just give me the original history, please.
(music) Maybe, baby (music) [ Beeping ] Uh, you were picked up by the Texas Highway Patrol.
Reed got Christy back, and the two of you got 20 years for kidnapping.
Well, then, I’m not here to return Christy to Reed.
How do you know? ‘Cause in the original history, Reed got Christy back.
But the two of you got 20 years! If you give yourselves up, maybe the court– No, no, no, no.
See, I can’t have leaped in here to get Bunny and Buster a reduced sentence.
It has to have something to do with Christy.
And until you figure out what that is, I’m stickin’ with Bunny’s plan.
Which is? Well, I’m to get her and Christy safely to Clayton, New Mexico.
And then what? Well, then, uh– Look, I don’t know, but– You know, you’re not gonna find out hangin’ around here.
Al–Al, would you hurry up, please? I am! I am! All right.
[ Beeping ] See you, Sam.
Bye, Christy.
Geez, Buster.
You act like you’re the one who’s hungry.
Here you go, little one.
Here’s your bottle, finally.
Bunny, whose baby is this? I told you.
She’s mine.
Bunny, I know she’s not yours.
Whose is it? I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Bunny– Look, I’m gonna go out in the truck and get some diapers.
Bunny,just tell me the truth.
You’re gonna make her cry.
Buster, stop! Buster, stop it! Don’t, all right? Just–Just don’t hit me, okay? Just don’t hit me, okay? Please,just don’t hit me, okay? [ Sobbing ] Bunny– No! [ Sobbing Continues ] Bunny, I’m not gonna hit you.
I’m– I’m sorry I lied to you.
I just thought if I told you the truth, that you wouldn’t help me.
Help you what? Get Christy back to her real mama.
Then you’re not her real mother.
But I didn’t lie about the rest.
We are takin’ her back to Clayton.
That’s where her mama lives.
Bunny– See, I was workin’ as a babysitter for Reed during the day.
And he told me that Christy’s mama died in childbirth, and I believed him.
I guess I wanted to, because– because then I could– I could sort of pretend that Christy was mine.
You– You can’t have kids.
I don’t think so.
If I could, I sure would’ve had one by now.
See, one day this package came, and it was from Reed’s brother.
It was kind of open, so I looked.
It was full of letters from Reed’s wife, Margaret.
She was alive, and she was beggin’ Reed to bring Christy back.
I guess he just took her or somethin’.
There was an address and a phone number in Clayton, and I called it, and we’d hardly got to talkin’ when Reed caught me.
He kept– He kept hitting me and hitting me and– and telling me terrible things that he’d do if I told anybody.
And I– And I forgot Margaret’s phone number, but I kept repeating her address in my head.
It was 723 2 Mesa Avenue, Clayton, New Mexico.
See, 7-2– that’s my grandma’s age.
[ Christy Cooing ] We have to get Christy back to her real mama, Buster, before Reed starts beatin’ on her.
My daddy hit my mama, and then he– then he started in on me and my sister.
I just can’t let that happen to Christy.
Suspects are believed traveling in a northwestern route to New Mexico.
Alert officers in Callahan, Taylor and Shackelford counties to be on the lookout for a pickup matching that description.
They’d better be careful.
My baby’s with them.
Are you sure about New Mexico? We could be going in the wrong direction.
She was always talking about goin’ back to her folks in New Mexico.
Come on! We’re losin’ time! Tell that to ”Gotta-GoJoe” back there.
[ Horn Honking ] [ Radio Chatter ] Whoo! Boy, it sure is cold out there.
Next time, do it when we stop for gas.
I did.
Then don’t drink so much coffee.
Can we please just go? I only had two cups.
(music) [ Radio:�Rock And Roll ] (music) [ Continues ] Christy and I sure appreciate your believin’ us, Buster.
Just–Just don’t lie to me again, Bunny, okay? Cross my heart and hope to die.
Cross her heart too.
See? Yes! Yes! You know, she really should be in a car seat.
Why? I can hold her on my lap like this.
See? (music) [ Continues ] If I’m goin’ 1 0 miles an hour and I slam on the brakes, she could fly right through the windshield.
Shh, Buster.
She can hear that.
I’m just trying to make a point.
She needs to be in a car seat.
Now we’re comin’ up on Abilene.
I think we should get one there.
Well, as long as it’s a cute one.
Right, Christy? Look, Buster, she winked at you.
[ Laughs ] (music) [ Ends ] [ Bells Jingling ] [ Christy Cooing ] Car seats? Over there.
Second aisle in the back.
Thank you.
Oh, my God, it’s Barbie! I love Barbie! Hey, don’t I know you? – I don’t think so.
– Sure I do.
You’re– You’re Bunny O’Hare.
[ Chuckling ] – You sure look different with the clothes on.
– [ Sighs ] Sometimes I hate bein’ a celebrity.
We only have time to buy a car seat, then get going.
Well, see, I was an only child, just like Christy, and I know how important it is to have a doll to love.
I thought you said you had a sister.
Well, yeah, I did, but she was a half sister, so I was mostly on my own.
You still believe her, Sam? – Bunny, I’m gonna go pick up the car seat.
– Okay.
You go right ahead.
We’re just gonna keep lookin’ till we find the perfect doll.
Ain’t we, Christy? [ Cooing Continues ] I can’t believe how primitive these car seats were in ’63.
Look at that.
It’s flimsy.
Al, I found out why we took Christy.
We’re gonna return her to her real mother in New Mexico.
Her real mother’s dead.
No, no, no.
Bunny explained all that to me.
Reed lied.
His wife divorced him, so he stole Christy.
Sam– No.
Check it out.
Her name’s Margaret.
[ Sighs ] [ Beeping ] Margaret Dalton.
Clayton, New Mexico.
Clayton, New Mexico, 1 963– Nada.
She’s gotta be in there.
Christy’s mother died giving birth.
Reed is the sole living parent.
No, I don’t believe that.
Boy, she really bent your mind like a spoon.
Sam, Bunny’s done hard time.
– Bunny was in prison? – No.
Well, reform school.
But look, back in the orphanage, we thought of that as hard time.
Okay? Al, it’s not the s– She’s finally asleep.
Look, l found one with hair the same color as Christy’s.
Holy Sheba! Go to the back of the store.
Sam, when are you gonna wake up? You’ve got to turn yourself in.
Until you can tell me why I’m here, I’m trusting my instincts.
My instincts tell me to stick with Bunny.
If you were a real friend, you’d help me get out of here.
There’s a door at the back of the store that leads to the alley.
Her wedding ensemble.
[ Beeping ] [ People Chattering ] That baby come loose, this car ain’t going nowhere.
You can’t come down this way, Sam.
[ Fussing ] Give me some money.
[ Fussing Continues ] Here you go.
Shh-shh-shh-shh! Wait here.
Oh, it’s all right, darlin’.
It’s all right.
[ Chattering Continues ] Hey, uh, nice car you got.
It’s the third fastest car in town.
Wanna sell it? Nah.
I’m sorry.
It’s pretty special.
I’ll, uh, give you $200 for it.
I can’t sell it.
My dad gave her to me for Christmas, and he’s kind of sick right now.
[ Backfiring ] Nice car.
Get in.
Come on.
Peel out! Peel out! Come on! Go! Come on! And the baby was with her? Yeah.
Funny thing too, seein’ a stripper totin’ a baby.
– Was she sick or wheezing? – Bunny looked pretty damn healthy to me.
– [ Reed ] The baby! – I wasn’t exactly looking at the baby.
I can’t believe it.
You guys had ’em right here and then you let ’em go! Mr.
Dalton, they won’t get far without a car.
We’ve got more units on the way, and the highway patrol is on every road from Abilene– What’s goin’ on? There’s been a murder in the toy store.
Can you describe the man with her? About 6’2”.
Hadn’t shaved for a couple days.
Kind of had a mustache and a gold tooth right here.
[ Mutters ] (music) [ Rock And Roll ] [ Bunny ] Would you look at this Barbie? She is so glamorous.
But no real woman could ever look like this.
I mean, first of all, her chest is bigger than her head, and her waist is as tiny as her neck.
And look at her legs.
They’re twice as long as the rest of her torso.
It’s just not humanly possible.
But it is something to aspire to.
[ Tuning Radio ] Wait! That’s our song! (music) Any other one That makes me sad (music) Our song.
I’ll never forget last week, after the first time we made – (music) Maybe, baby, I’ll have you (music) – L-O-V-E.
You were standing at the end of the bed in your boxer shorts, singing ”Maybe, Baby.
” (music) Maybe, baby, I’ll have you for me (music) I tell you, Buster.
In all my 26 years, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
(music) [ Vocalizing ] [ Christy Cooing ] Will you do it again for me right now? Uh– Uh– (music) Well,you are the one that makes me glad (music) (music) Any other one That makes me sad (music) Make love? [ Laughs ] No.
Sing ”Maybe, Baby.
” ”Maybe, Baby.
” Yeah, right.
Make love.
We got a tot here.
(music) Maybe, baby, I’ll have you (music) (music) Baby, I’ll have you (music) (music) Maybe, baby, I’ll be true (music) (music) I’ll be true (music) [ With Radio ] (music) Maybe, baby, I’ll have you for me (music) [ Siren Wailing ] (music) Maybe, baby, I’ll have you for me (music) [ Christy Laughing ] (music) [ Rock And Roll ] Bunny, you wanna tell me about reform school? How did you find out about that? Oh, you been readin’ my diary.
The only reason I stole that ring was because my daddy was beatin’ the daylights out of me.
(music) [ Continues ] I just couldn’t stand living at home anymore, and reform school was my only way out.
[ Labored Breathing ] She sounds like she’s having trouble breathing.
No, she’s just poky from all the dust and excitement.
You, uh– You wanna bring her up here for a second? [ Labored Breathing ] Put her up here.
Let me listen to her.
[ Crying ] Uh, I don’t know about poky– whatever that means– but it sounds to me like she’s asthmatic.
[ Crying ] I don’t think so.
You said you’d been watchin’ her for the last six months.
Yeah, she wheezes from time to time.
Bunny, we’ve gotta get her to a doctor.
Well, we’re gonna be in Clayton in a few hours.
No, Christy shouldn’t wait.
[ Crying Continues ] Buster, we can’t go back to Abilene.
Well, people live out here.
There’s gotta be a doctor.
[ Snorting ] It’s okay.
[ Sheep Bleating ] Well, she’s definitely having trouble breathing.
I’d like to help you with an oxygen mask, but all I’ve got is a chicken incubator in the back.
Could I talk to you for a minute, please? Sure thing.
[ Squeaking ] [ Cooing ] Ooh-ooh-ooh.
[ Pig Snorting ] – Nice pig.
– Thank you.
Nice baby.
– What’s its name? – Cindy.
– What’s her name? – Christy.
Nice name.
Come on, honey.
Let’s go look at the bunny rabbits.
Are you sure you don’t want any coffee? Uh, no.
No, thanks.
Listen,Doctor– Be careful.
That’s bull sperm.
Oh, yeah.
Uh, Doctor, I– I was hoping that we could get some epinephrine for the baby’s asthma.
I can’t give prescription drugs for humans.
Oh, that’s okay.
I know what dosage to give her.
Oh, you’re a doctor? Well, it probably doesn’t look like it, but, yes, I am.
It doesn’t matter.
I don’t have any epinephrine.
I used my last vial for Freddie here.
But there is a hospital in Abilene.
You could get some there.
[ Cow Lowing ] My patients call.
Good luck.
Are you sure the doctor said to give the baby coffee? Yeah.
Well, hell, why don’t we just give her a cigarette and a shot of whiskey while we’re at it.
The doctor– She said that the caffeine in the coffee– thank you– was a, uh, a bronchodilator– There you go I’ll give it back to you– that would work temporarily.
But she made me promise that we’d only use it once.
Because to use it more than that, well, it just wouldn’t be good for her.
Come on, honey.
Be a good girl.
Drink your broncho– your broncho–your coffee.
Good girl.
Yes! [ Laughs ] The hot rod’s license is PR6025.
Come on.
Let’s go.
Let’s go.
Hold your water.
Tell that to him.
Come on! We gotta go,Joe! I’m comin’! If they get into New Mexico, I’ll never see Christy again.
Don’t worry.
There’s no way they’re gonna miss bein’ spotted in a flame-painted hot rod.
[ Bunny ] Look, Buster.
Ain’t she pretty when she’s sleepin’? I’d sure love to go in there and get a cold beer right now.
I can’t believe that doctor charged us That’s the most expensive cup of coffee I ever bought.
– How many more miles to New Mexico? – Well, let’s see.
Okay, two fingernails equals 40 miles.
So one fingernail is 20 miles.
And we’re one and a half fingernails from the state line.
– Okay, so we’ve got 30 miles to go.
– Yeah.
Well, we’re gonna have to get some gas.
I don’t think we can make it without it.
Give me five bucks.
That should do it.
What? We’re busted.
What do you mean, we’re busted? How can we be out of money? We’ve only spent around $300.
You said you had 400.
Well, I guess I was wrong.
All we got left is a quarter, two dimes and a Chiclet.
Wanna split it? Bunny, you gotta stop lying to me.
I didn’t lie to you.
I just– I overestimated.
Well, there’s no way we can make it now.
Yes, we can.
(music) [ Country ] [ Men Whistling, Whooping ] (music) [ Continues ] [ Whistling, Whooping Continue ] [ Laughs ] Pop up there! Honey, over here! [ Balloon Pops ] [ Balloons Popping ] (music) [ Ends ] Sam, why is everyone applauding? [ Laughing ] Did I miss something? Bunny just stripped for gas money.
So she stripped.
What do you mean– She stripped! She stripped, and I missed it? Sam, I’m supposed to be the observer on this project.
I should have been here to observe it! [ Man ] Well, I guess we know who won this amateur contest.
Let’s give the $50 to this little lady.
[ Men Whistling, Whooping ] [ Cackling ] I told you we could do it! Yeah.
I wouldn’t celebrate too soon, Sam.
[ Weapons Cocking ] Put your hands on the bar and don’t move.
Thank God you’re safe.
We were just taking the baby back to her real mother in New Mexico.
Real mother? My wife died a year ago in childbirth.
Oh, Reed, you’re such a liar! Everything that comes out of your mouth is one big lie! He doesn’t have any legal rights to Christy.
He stole her and left New Mexico.
She found letters from his wife while she was working for him.
Working for me? She didn’t work for me.
– She babysat Christy every day! – You met Maria.
She takes care of Christy.
Now, I don’t know what Bunny told you, but the only one she ever took care of was me.
Buster, I’m sorry.
I just didn’t want you to know that we dated.
After the first date, I only went back because of Christy.
Sam– Okay, buddy.
It was all a lie.
No, it wasn’t! She’s right.
That’s why I’m here, Sam.
Ziggy reversed this field.
It turns out that she’s been telling the truth about the real mother all along.
– No.
– I swear to God, Buster.
Okay, go on back to your seats, folks.
There’s nothing to see here.
Go on.
You can’t get arrested, Sam, because if you do, the two of you are gonna spend 20 years in prison.
– What do you want me to do, resist arrest? – If you will, I will.
[ Al ] Well,you gotta do something.
Grab his gun.
– Grab his gun? – Okay.
– Hold it right there! Don’t move! – Geez! – Look out! – Whoa! Whoa! [ Chattering ] Come on.
Hurry up.
[ Handcuffs Clicking ] Where’s your car? It’s out back.
Aw, geez! Get the baby.
[ Al ] Sam, duck! [ Police Radio Chatter ] – You’re shooting at your baby! – Get out of my way.
Reed, put the gun– I said, get out of the way! Hey, hold it! Get out of that car! [ Woman Screaming ] Come on! Let’s go! What do you mean? Get out of there! Come on! Let’s go! Leave me alone.
[ Screaming Continues ] Ziggy, center me on Sam! Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick! [ Tires Screeching ] [ Bunny ] The New Mexico state line! Buster, we’re gonna make it! [ Kissing ] [ Laughs ] [ Beeping ] Well, maybe not.
Reed is on our tail in a Corvette.
– Reed’s chasing us? – Oh, he never gives up! Reed was disbarred from New Mexico, and he’s wanted there for conning millions out of investors in a real estate scam.
You sure? Yes, I dated him! Reed is, uh– it’s an uncommon name, so I had Ziggy cross-check it against anyone named Margaret in New Mexico who was married in the last 1 0 years, and we matched it to a Margaret Cole in Clayton.
And Reed Dalton– That’s an alias.
His real name is Reed Cole.
Margaret divorced him, and she got sole custody of Christy.
But he stole Christy, and then he vanished, and the mother’s never seen the baby since.
[ Sam ] Well, she will now.
– Who will what now? – Uh, Christy’s gonna see her mama.
[ Beeping ] Clayton.
Clayton! He’s less than a mile back and he’s closing.
Where’s Christy’s mother live? Are you sure? [ Both ] Yes! Sam, 723 2 Mesa is Clayton Water and Power.
You sure it’s not [ Gasps ] You’re right! Oh! 7-2’s my grandma’s age, but I forgot to subtract my age to get 42.
You’re 30? I thought you told me you were 26.
Well, okay, that was a fib.
I’m really 30.
But if anyone asks, I’m 26, okay? [ Sighs ] About five more blocks, Sam, on the right.
What about Reed? He’s somewhere within a quarter of a mile.
You’re right! He knows the address! He’ll find us! Hello.
Hello, police! Police! We’re kidnappers from Texas.
Arrest us! Bunny, what are you doin’? We’ll be at 423 2 Mesa Avenue.
Bunny– The police will come to Margaret’s house and arrest Reed.
[ Radio Chatter ] Yeah, they’ll arrest us too.
Oh, I hadn’t thought of that.
[ Man On Radio ] Come in.
[ Al ] There it is– the house with the porch on the right.
We’re here.
[ Al Clears Throat ] – So is Reed.
– [ Bunny ] Yeah.
It’s okay.
[ Bunny Gasps ] [ Siren Wails ] – It’s over.
– [ Siren Approaching ] All right.
Both of you, hold it right there! Put your gun down! – [ Man On Radio ] Please stand by.
– [ Officer ] All right.
Now, what in hell is goin’on here? What’s this about a kidnapping? Officer, I want you to arrest this man.
He stole my child.
[ Police Radio Chatter ] Cole? Reed Cole.
Well, I never thought we’d see you around here again.
[ Handcuffs Clicking ] [ Man On Radio ] Unit 1 2.
Unit 1 2.
We have a call from Al’s Coffee Shop.
Come on.
Everything’s okay.
We gotta go downtown for a while, but, uh, they’ve got a dozen outstanding warrants against Reed.
We gotta take care of Christy first, ’cause she needs a warm bottle and a good night’s sleep.
What do you say we find a motel and snuggle down for the night? Bunny, Christy’s home.
She can be home tomorrow.
[ Crying ] I mean,just let us keep her one more night.
[ Crying ] I’ve really grown fond of her too, but, uh, she’s not ours.
But I love her.
[ Creaking ] [ Sam ] I know, but she’s hers.
But she doesn’t even know Christy.
She doesn’t know how she likes her oatmeal with little bits of cheddar cheese in it or how she– [ Sobbing ] how she kicks off her covers when you don’t tuck her in or how she’ll crawl across the floor to get to P.
You can tell her.
Buster, I can’t give her up.
I just can’t.
[ Crying Continues ] – But you will, – [ Cooing ] because you love her.
Will she forget me? Not in her heart.
This is Christy.
[ Sniffling ] Oh, you’re so beautiful.
Bryant, do you think Heathcliff’s obsession stems from Bront�’s own tragic yearning for Branwell? [ No Audible Dialogue ]