Sun. May 19th, 2024

All hail Princess Pain in the Buffalo. It’s time for Leaping of the Shrew!

Get swept away with hosts Allison Pregler, Matt Dale and Christopher DeFilippis as Sam Leaps into a goofy desert island romance with special guest star Brooke Shields. 

Jean-Pierre Dorléac

We’re also thrilled to bring you a new interview with Quantum Leap Costume Designer Jean-Pierre Dorléac! Jean-Pierre brings a special pedigree to this episode, having dressed Brooke Shields as a castaway once before for the 1980 mega-hit film The Blue Lagoon. He talks to Allison and Chris about his reunion with Brooke during the filming of Shrew, and all the behind-the-scenes goings-on. Click here to check out Jean-Pierre’s website, where you can find costumes for sale and his biography, The Naked Truth.

And if that isn’t enough, QLP Co-Executive Producer Hayden McQueenie theorizes on the many histories of Al in a new Quantum Deep segment entitled “Bingo, Bango, Bongo,” which features special guest Albie Burdge!

The Quantum Leap Podcast — more fun than singing wild peasant songs and dancing naked with your bouzouki. (Well, maybe not…)

Leaping of the Shrew production photos courtesy of Jean-Pierre Dorléac

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