Sun. May 19th, 2024

Grab your pyramid hats, time cadets! It’s time for another thrilling adventure with Captain Galaxy and Future Boy!

Holy smokin’ retro rockets! It’s a Future Boy extravaganza as special guest and episode writer Tommy Thompson joins Quantum Leap Podcast hosts Allison Pregler, Christopher DeFilippis and Matt Dale on a journey back through time — to relate some amazing behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the making of this season three classic.

But there’s more! The Quantum Leap Podcast is especially proud to present an interview with Captain Galaxy himself, Richard Herd! Chris spoke to Richard about his roles on two iconic episodes of Quantum Leap and his distinguished acting career.

There’s also a super-cool extended edition of Hayden McQueenie’s Quantum Deep!

Then stand by the time accelerator, and activate the thermal reaction switch for a big announcement about the future of the Quantum Leap Podcast!

Until then, we’ll see you in the future!

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By Albie