Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Get ready to crack the conspiracy; it’s time for Lee Harvey Oswald!

Join Allison Pregler, Matt Dale, Christopher DeFilippis and special guest host Hayden McQueenie as they usher in Season 5 with this jam-packed QLP episode examining Sam’s Leap into the 20th Century’s most infamous assassin.

Natasha Pavlovich

We’re also proud to bring you an interview with actress Natasha Pavlovich, who played Marina Oswald in the episode. Natasha speaks with Chris about her time on the set, discusses her pioneering achievements as a female pilot, and tells us about her new book “AMONG STARS: TEN HABITS TO SKYROCKET TO SUCCESS.” Find out more on her website

And we revisit an interview with actor Elya Baskin, who played Major Yuri Kosenko in the episode. The interview first appeared on a Lee Harvey Oswald crossover special between The Quantum Leap Podcast and 11.22.63: An Event Podcast, and is conducted by 11.22.63 host Skipper Martin. Listen to the full interview here.

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