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Ah, the magic of Christmas. Serenity certainly felt it when she asked Santa for a fourth, yes you heard right, FOURTH level of Inception for the Christmas episode of Quantum Leap – A Little Miracle. Not satisfied with just another viewing and discussion by Albie and Allison, this episode is the gift that keeps on giving. The writer of A Little Miracle Professor Sandy Fries. Author of Secrets Your Textbook Will Not Tell You: (About TV, Movies, and Life), earned a permanent spot on the Nice List by having a conversation with Albie to discuss his experiences. In this extended interview with Sandy, Albie gets his Christmas wish of a one on one heartfelt conversation about Quantum Leap, Star Trek, Life, Love, and so much more.

It’s a winter wonderland of fun in the 40th installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast! Join us as we have some eggnog and enjoy season three, episode nine, A Little Miracle, again, and again, and then again for the first time! Again!

You will be visited by three Christmas apparitions, as hosts Albie, Heather, Zoë, Hayden, Christopher and Suzanne crash this Dickensesque Scroogefest Inception-style, with a podcast in a podcast in a podcast.

Then stick around for an interview with Jarrett Lennon the actor who played Tiny Boy. Jarrett talks with Christopher about his acting career, and what it was like to work on Quantum Leap at such a young age. And be sure to check out Jarrett’s L.A.-based comedy improv group The Feel Good Not Bad Death LaserVisit their website here for upcoming shows.

There’s also a Quantum Deep segment from Hayden McQueenie, an all-new Quantum Leap Radio Sightings by Christopher DeFilippis, episode trivia and more!

00:00:01: Welcome to A Little Miracle: Phase III
00:26:25: Scott Bakula Sings! “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”
00:29:22: ALM Phase II — Pt. 1: Christmas Party Crashers
00:32:45: ALM Phase I
01:23:30: “Joy to the World”
01:24:15: An Interview with Jarrett Lennon
02:08:49: Vintage QL Audio
02:10:40: ALM Phase II — Pt. 2: Hayden & Amanda Celebrate
02:25:22: Amanda Sings! “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”
02:27:29: Quantum Deep: A Review of Quantum Leap Comic #3
02:36:52: Vintage QL Promo
02:37:11: ALM Trivia with Hayden and Amanda
02:53:42: The Quantum Leap Radio Sightings: “A Little Miracle”
02:57:10: Next on the Quantum Leap Podcast: “Runaway”
02:58:35: ALM Phase II — Pt. 3: Albie Gets Scrooged
03:10:51: Amanda Sings! “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”
03:13:46: Marina Prior Sings! “Angels We Have Heard On High”
03:17:16: Credits
03:18:28: Bloopers

We also bring you an interview with actor Tom McTigue. Tom played Blake’s sycophantic yes-man Calloway in the Christmas episode A Little Miracle. He spoke to Chris about his acting and stand-up comedy career and recounted his time guest starring on Quantum Leap. 

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By Albie