Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Much like Wile E Coyote’s attempts to catch the Road Runner, Sam Beckett’s attempts to save the lives of his host and his host’s long time girlfriend continually blow up in his face… Literally… For the most cartoon-like episode of Quantum Leap, in the “Piano Man” bonus show, Hayden, Lesley and Zoe have gathered around the piano to discuss the episode, only to realize that none of them know how to play it. So instead, being Saturday morning, they settle in front of the TV in their PJs with a bowl of cereal for some cartoons. The Deans List covers Dean Stockwell’s work on “Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker” and “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”; Jessie Neumann returns with her “World’s second-oldest profession” segment about voice acting; and Quantum Deep is taken over by some very special guests for a Quantum Leap themed cartoon cavalcade that is definitely not for children!

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By Albie