Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Chris, John, and Suzanne discuss their trip to New York City to see Scott Bakula perform in the musical ‘The Connector.’ They share their experiences with Albie of meeting up, attending the show, and recording the event. The musical is praised for its music, acting, and integration of songs into the story. The hosts express their enjoyment of the show and highlight its unique aspects. They discuss their experience at the Q&A with Scott Bakula and the challenges of setting up the camera and capturing the audio. They also talk about the super edit of the Q&A and the excitement of meeting Scott Bakula in person. The hosts share their nervousness and self-consciousness when asking questions and reflect on the kindness and graciousness of Scott Bakula. They also discuss the fan community and the perfect fan experience they had. The chapter ends with a discussion of the post-event activities, including going to Gabriel’s for dinner and their visit to the Back to the Future musical. They discuss the long walk, the delicious food at Gabriel’s, and the excitement of seeing the musical. They also share their thoughts on the musical’s special effects and the overall experience. The hosts then talk about the merchandise they purchased and their opinions on the musical genre. They conclude with a review of the Back to the Future musical and their preferences for different types of musicals. In this final part of the conversation, the hosts discuss their experiences after the show and share their final thoughts and ratings for The Connector. They also mention a touching moment involving a signed book and Scott Bakula. The conversation ends with some fun banter during the credits.

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By Albie