• QLP Mirror Image Found Footage Special

    A new ending of Mirror Image has surfaced, and the Quantum Leap Podcast has found the fan behind the lost footage! Join hosts Allison Pregler, Christopher DeFilippis and Hayden McQueenie as they chat with Roger, a Leaper whose long-time fandom led to the discovery of the new scene, featuring Dean Stockwell as Al and Susan Diol as Beth. Roger tells us how he got hold of the footage – a story as old as Quantum Leap fandom itself. Then stick around for a new Quantum Deep segment from Hayden! Watch the Mirror Image Lost Ending

  • Mirror Image Lost Ending Special

    [WARNING: This podcast contains spoilers for the Quantum Leap series finale Mirror Image] We interrupt your regularly scheduled podcast to bring you breaking news! Quantum Leap Podcast staffer Allison Pregler has made the uncovery of the century — finding photographic proof that an alternate ending to series finale Mirror Image was likely filmed. Allison joins co-host Christopher DeFilippis and Quantum Leap expert Matt Dale to discuss the photos, which feature Dean Stockwell as Al and Susan Diol reprising her role as Beth in a scene contained in original production scripts for Mirror Image — previously thought unfilmed. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We also have…