Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

#quantumleap In this Aftershow we chat all about “Nomad” the Season 2 Mid-Season finale of Quantum Leap. Albie, Hayden, John @captaingameshow5838, and Brian @AlsPlaceQuantumLeapFanSite discuss the episode and Dean Georgaris’ insights on the story arc. They also talk about the setting of Egypt and Lou Diamond Phillips’ appearance in the episode. The reveal of Nomad and Eliza Taylor’s performance are also discussed. The possibility of Ben getting stuck and Hannah’s potential contribution to the project are explored. The hosts speculate on the future of Ben leaping to Hannah and the spy element in Egypt. They also discuss the role of the accelerator and share their interviews with Executive Producer Dean Georgaris, The Main Cast of Quantum Leap Raymond Lee, Caitlin Bassett, Nanrisa Lee, AND Mason Alexander Park! 00:00:10 Segment One 00:22:40 Dean Georgaris Interview 01:10:40 Segment Two 01:33:33 Main Cast Interview 02:40:13 Segment Three 02:56:16 Our Ratings 03:01:25 Next Time 03:07:08 Space Bear!

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By Albie