Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Guests include David Clayton Rogers who played Kevin Zat, Josh Dean who played Josh Nally, and Gee Alexander who played Cowboy Hat Man AKA Brandon Hake!

In this episode, the hosts discuss the Quantum Leap episode ‘Off the Cuff’ and explore various themes and plot points. They share their first impressions of the episode and discuss the evolving relationship between Ben and Hannah. The possibility of Ben going home and the potential parentage of Jeffrey are also explored. Overall, they provide a comprehensive review and analysis of the episode. In this part of the conversation, the hosts discuss the proposal between Addison and Tom and the dynamics of their relationship. They also explore the concept of polyamory and the potential future of Ben and Hannah’s relationship. The possibility of the show’s conclusion is also considered, as well as the leap itself and the character of Kevin. They compare it to previous episodes, noting similarities in characters and plotlines. They also discuss different perspectives on the episode, considering the experience of new viewers versus long-time fans. The hosts analyze Kevin’s character and his redemption arc. They appreciate the trap and science elements in the episode and discuss the references to other movies. They highlight the chemistry between the characters and speculate on the significance of a conversation between Ian and Jen.

00:20:00 Segment One
00:29:50 Interview with Gee Alexander who played Brandon Hake
01:26:14 A word from Christopher
01:27:17 Segment Two
01:46:04 Interview with Josh Dean who played Josh Nally
02:46:37 Segment Three
03:03:14 Interview with David Clayton Rogers who played Kevin Zat
03:54:45 Segment Four
04:00:01 Leap-N-Look
04:02:35 Our Ratings
04:10:12 Space Bear!

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By Albie