Sun. May 19th, 2024

Albie and Hayden are joined by Brian Greene to break down the 1ST EPISODE of SEASON TWO of Quantum, Leap “This Took Too Long!

We have Interviews with Executive Producer Chris Grismer, Bart Johnson (co-pilot Kirk in The Friendly Skies), Dana Melanie who played Judith Murphy on the Quantum Leap episode “Ben, Interrupted”, AND Julie Barrett, author of the seminal ‘Quantum Leap A-Z’!

Interviews with Dana Melanie & Bart Johnson were recorded BEFORE the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike.

00:00:09 Segment One
00:22:33 Julie Barrett
00:52:36 Executive Producer Chris Grismer
01:26:13 Segment Two
01:53:35 Bart Johnson
02:21:12 Segment Three
02:33:02 Dana Melanie
03:01:07 Segment Four

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By Albie