Sat. May 25th, 2024

We’re sending out an S.O.S! It’s all hands on deck as hosts Matt Dale and Christopher DeFilippis welcome Albert Burdge, Serenity Burdge, and Hayden McQueenie for a Quantum Leap Podcast/Quantum Leap Aftershow crossover event! Both shows combine to discuss Ben’s leap onto a naval battleship and into a pivotal moment in the life of Addison’s father! And if that wasn’t special enough, we also bring you an interview with genre legend Brandon Routh, who guested as Alexander Augustine. Brandon speaks with the QLP crew about what it was like to play such an important role in Quantum Leap. And don’t worry, there’s a ton of Superman geekery to be had. It’s the crossover event of the Century! The Quantum Leap Podcast and The Quantum Leap Podcast Quantum Leap Aftershow Team up for S.O.S.! With special guest Brandon Routh who plays Addison’s Father, Alexander Albert Augustine.

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By Albie