Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Josh Dean plays Josh Nally in in the ninth episode of the second season of Quantum Leap “Off The Cuff”. Josh Dean discusses his background in the entertainment industry, including acting, writing, and voice directing for video games. He shares his experience working on the show Con Man and writing a Christmas movie. Josh also talks about his role as Josh Nally in the Quantum Leap episode Off the Cuff. He highlights the collaborative and positive atmosphere on set and the depth of the characters in the show. In this conversation, Josh Dean discusses his experience filming the Quantum Leap episode and his role as Josh. He talks about the perfect casting for his character and how he was able to create a sympathetic and believable third wheel. He describes the fun and easygoing atmosphere on set and the chemistry between the actors. Josh also talks about his work as a loop group coordinator and the challenges of looping and ADR. He concludes with a message for the leapers.

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By Albie